Hangover (very spicy)                                    9.70             12.60
hashbrowns, fried egg, topped w/pico de gallo and habanero sauce

Buffalo Chicken                                              9.70             12.60
seared chicken, bacon, franks hot sauce topped w/blue cheese crumbles

Cheese and Chong                                        9.70             12.60
seared chicken, sauted mushrooms, pesto topped with french's fried onions

Popeye                                                           8.85             11.35
fresh spinach, onions, mushrooms topped w/mozz

Rustic                                                             8.85             11.35
fresh roasted tomatoes, basil, garlic topped with mozz

​Goat Cheese                                                  10.15           13.05
goat cheese sauce, roasted tomatoes, garlic topped with mozz

Spinach Artichoke                                          9.70              12.60
spinach, artichoke hearts, cream cheese sauce, topped w/mozz

Truffle                                                            11.00             13.75
mushrooms, chives, white truffle oil topped w/mozz

Pepperoni                                                       8.85              11.35
fresh basil, garlic topped w/marinara, mozz and pepperoni

Ponchovilla                                                    9.70             12.60
seasoned beef, pico de gallo, avocado, tortilla chips w/colby jack

Chili Cheese                                                  9.70             12.60
home made chili topped w/colby jack and fritos

Big Easy                                                        9.70             12.60
andouille sausage, bell peppers, onions, cajun seasoning topped w/mozz

Tikka                                                              9.95             12.85
spicy fried chicken masala topped w/mozz

​Pit Master                                                      9.95             12.85
chopped brisket, bbq sauce topped w/colby jack

Half Baked                                                     9.70             12.60
baked potato, sour cream, chives, bacon topped w/colby jack

Chicken Parm                                                9.70             12.60
fried chicken, basi, garlic topped with fresh marinara and mozz

Armadillo                                                       9.70             12.60
bacon, cream cheese sauce, jalapenos topped w/colby jack

Seoul                                                             9.95             12.85      
bulgogi, kimchi slaw topped w/mozz

​Chicken and Waffle (Sunday Only)              11.70
fried chicken, waffles w/ mac and cheese, syrup or spicy honey

All American                                                   6.95              8.50
american blend of cheeses topped w/colby jack

CheeseBurger                                                8.85             11.75
ground beef, onions, garlic topped w/colby jack

Bacon Bliss                                                    8.85             11.75
bacon w/gruyere cheese sauce topped w/mozz
Quattro                                                          8.60             11.25
special 4 cheese blend topped w/mozz

Chik Chik                                                       8.85             11.35
seared chicken, basil topped  w/colby jack

Homerun                                                        8.85             11.35
all beef hot dog topped with colby jack

~1/2 lb

~1/2 lb

~1 lb

~1 lb

~1/2 lb

~1/2 lb

~1 lb

~1 lb
Macballs                                                         8   
Mac and Cheese rolled in panko breadcrumbs then deep fried to golden perfection.

Spinach Artichoke and Chips                         8   
House Spinach Artichoke and Chips
Side House Salad                                          4.95             
tomatoes, cucumbers, croutons

Side Ceasar Salad                                         4.95               
romaine, homemade ceasar dressing, croutons, parm

Fried Chicken                                                7.50              
crispy chicken breast, lettuce, aioli

Buffalo Chicken                                             8.95            
​crispy chicken breast, franks hot sauce, lettuce, slice tomatoes

Chicken Pesto                                               8.95             
seared chicken, spinach, feta, basil pesto

Chili Cheese Dog                                          8.95
all beef hot dog, chili, colby jack 

Chopped Brisket                                           9.95               
chopped brisket, bbq sauce

Chicken Parmesan                                       9.95
crispy chicken breast, marinara, mozzarella
B​rioche Sandwiches
Cheese Nachos                                             6.00              
​tortilla chips, jus mac cheese sauce, jalapenos

Chili Cheese                                                  8.50             
tortilla chips, jus mac cheese sauce, chili, shredded cheese

​Ground Beef                                                  8.25
tortilla chips, jus mac cheese sauce, ground beef, pico de gallo, colby jack 

Taco Meat                                                      8.25               
tortilla chips, jus mac cheese sauce, taco seasoned beef, pico de gallo, colby jack

Cookies                                                       2.75 - 3              

Texas Sheet Cake  Slice/Whole Pan          4.95 / 60             

Conservative Mac and Cheese
Radical Mac and Cheese